Turns out we're a SaaS Company

Turns out we're a SaaS Company

Isn't it somewhat ironic that two software developers started a SaaS farm? "Salad as a Service" instead of "Software as a Service". Get it? Ok, that one was all Ari, practicing his dad jokes. But it is true that we are all about bringing our customers everything they need to throw together a few delicious salads for the week. In the spirit of that mission, we're making a shift to our sales model. Instead of selling salad kits and produce a la carte, we're moving to monthly subscriptions to salad shares.

Why the shift?

Over the last few weeks, we've struggled with having more to harvest than we can sell. We are so proud of what we've been able to grow thus far in our first season, and are excited to see crops like tomatoes and cucumbers starting to become available. But seeing harvest-able crops go to waste in the field, and having uncertainty around our sales has been stressful and made it difficult to use our time effectively. We've felt like we're straying from our mission, struggling to meet our goals, and already experiencing some burn-out.

We started farming because we want to connect our community to delicious, healthy, and sustainably- grown food. Our goal in this first season is to learn as much as possible about growing food and about the needs of our customers - our friends, family, and community members.

So, we reflected on our sales model and we realized that there is a great way to address some of our problems and to better fulfill our mission. By offering weekly salad shares, we'll be able to share our abundant harvest and keep our focus on learning how to grow the healthiest, most productive plants we can. 

Thank you for supporting us!


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