That's a wrap! Thank you and see you in 2023!

That's a wrap! Thank you and see you in 2023!

That’s a wrap on our first season! Prepping the field for winter was no small project - pulling plants, filling sandbags, weighing down tarps, disconnecting irrigation, harvesting crops, and putting all of our tools and things in storage. The best part was doing it together, especially at 36 & 37 weeks pregnant!

First, we removed all of our tomato, pepper, and basil plants from the field. Disease can linger from season to season, and removing these plants helps us reduce the persistence of disease into the next growing season. Despite covering the back of our Prius with a tarp, it still needed a very thorough vacuum after hauling all of these plants to the compost pile 😂

The winds at Prairie Crossing are strong and our position at the top of a hill makes our field especially vulnerable. To protect the ground from erosion and drying-out, we covered most of our 1/2 acre plot with thick black tarps, weighed down by gravel bags. You can buy empty bags on Amazon (of course) but then they must be filled. Luckily, Lester's Materials is located just a few miles from the farm in Grayslake. To fill 100 sandbags, each with ~10 pounds of pea gravel, we'd do it in two trips to stay within the ~800 pound weight limit of the Prius. We'd already filled 175 bags earlier in the season, and even after filling 200 more, we're still anxious about how our tarps will fare against the wind this winter.

The final thing we did to close out the season was to harvest the last of crops from the field. We let our carrots and beets stay in the ground as long as possible to let them continue to size up. It was so exciting to pull the carrots out of the ground and discover the harvest that had been hiding under the soil, slowly growing since its seeding in July. We struggled all season to grow carrots, beets and baby kale. Persistence really paid off and our first (and last) harvest might have been the most delicious carrots we’ve ever tasted! And our last 3 successions of beets were so successful that we now have an abundance stored up for winter!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our customers for trying us out and supporting us this season, and to the fellow farmers at Prairie Crossing for their guidance as we were figuring so much out for the first time. We would not have been able to do this if it were not for you all. We loved sharing our tasty, organic produce with our community. We learned so much about how to grow vegetables and a business and are excited to put our learnings to use next season. And we feel healthier because of the work, from being active, eating well, and spending time outside. We are so grateful to our community for your support so that we can continue to follow our passions!

What's Next?

We will be back for our second season in 2023. We will continue to grow high quality, organic vegetables, herbs, and microgreens. This winter, we'll sit down and review our strengths and opportunities and determine how we can take what we learned from this season and grow our offerings and our business. Stay tuned for farm updates this winter!

But first, we have one more "harvest". Our baby girl has been growing with us this season and we are so excited to meet her and start our journey as parents!

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