First Field Harvest: Green Garlic!

First Field Harvest: Green Garlic!

First field harvest is done! And it feels really good. We were able to harvest two buckets of green garlic out of the field. This is garlic that that was planted by former tenants of our plot - Charlotte and Jeff of Solfull Blooms. They didn't get to harvesting their garlic last summer, so this is actually second generation green garlic that has come up this year. It's a beautiful gift, given we're late in getting our spring crops in the ground. And it's available in our online store with free home delivery while supplies last!

It's been a really cold and wet spring, as most of you in Chicago know. And what that means for our farm is that we're pretty delayed in being able to get out into the field. The field has yet to be mowed since we haven't been able to get a tractor in to do our initial, and one-time, tillage to former our permanent beds. The ground has just been too wet. But, because the ground wasn't mowed, these garlic shoots were able to keep growing!

We're hoping that next week we'll be able to get in the ground, to start getting our transplants out and direct seeding crops. We're looking to the end of May or early June to have produce to harvest out of the field, so this is our last field harvest for a couple of weeks.

For the veggie-curious, this second-generation green garlic crop is pretty cool! The initial planting would have been in the fall of 2020. Each planting would have been one clove of garlic, each of which developed into a head of garlic. Those heads would have been harvested last summer, but instead they stayed in the ground. So what happened is that each of the cloves from those heads of garlic started to sprout into their own heads of garlic. When I went to harvest it, coming out of the ground the garlic was in clusters, each shoot sprouting from a clove around a head.

And for all of those wondering how to prepare and what to make with green garlic, check out these helpful posts from the kitchen-experts out there:

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